Your Business: 1.0

Along the road to success, entrepreneurs will find lots (and by lots, I mean shit loads) of roadblocks. You will be bombarded again and again by obstacles that will make you want to throw your arms up in the air and say, “I’m done!”

But, for many, this long, tumultuous journey barely, if ever, gets off the ground.

The reason? Because people (yes, you) tend to be perfectionists, especially when it’s their business, their ideas, their reputation on the line. Do the work for someone else, and we’re fine doing a little bit less than our best. Do it for ourselves? And nothing ever feels quite right, quite good enough.

So many almost-entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs that are moving but just not quite having the success they want, get tangled up in little details, preventing themselves from ever gaining the momentum necessary to get where they want to go. I understand that right now those “little details” feel monumental. In fact, they feel like everything.

But it’s you’re inability to let go, launch, and see what happens that is keeping you from the success you could be having.

I like to think of every iteration of my business as phases. Like 1.0, 2.0, 3.0…

There is not a single business I’ve started, or a single idea I’ve brought to life, that I have not looked back on and have felt at least some embarrassment, some sort of “what-was-I-thinking” moment. But, it’s because of those 1.0 versions that I was able to launch into 2.0 and beyond. You can’t know unless you try. You can’t improve unless you’ve already begun.

Yes, it’s scary to put yourself and your business out there, but holding on too tightly is even scarier, because it means you’ll never achieve the goals you’ve set, those big awesome “fuck-yes!” dreams that make your life exciting.

Wherever you are right now in your business or your current projects, set a date to finish - and don’t make it forever away. Make it so soon that is scares you. And then stick to that date, whether you feel “done” or not. Everything can always be changed. Nothing is irreparable.

The true definition of “entrepreneur” is “someone who undertakes risks” …so push “go”, make mistakes, and then get out there and solve them! I believe in you! Do you?

11 months ago

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