At The House Of Copy, our number one mission is to help women succeed doing what they love

As women in business ourselves, we understand how tricky navigating life can be. Finding a balance in the everyday while striving to reach your goals is hard. But we know it can be done - you just can't do it alone. Our talented team of women is here to support you by offering our writing, editing, and coaching services when you need them most.

The women we work with are focused on creating an experience for their customers, one that is valuable and enjoyable. We help you craft this experience by providing beautifully-written, magazine-worthy articles for your blog and website, editing services for your books and eBooks that ensure your work reflects you and your voice in an authentic, meaningful way, and creative coaching to provide you with advice, insight, and direction for your work when you feel a bit lost or uninspired.

The House of Copy is more than just a writing and editing service. We are a team of passionate women who want to help you and your business succeed. Our global community of women in business is continuing to grow and we are excited and honored to have you join us. Women hold the keys to creating a better world for our families and our children.

And it starts with you succeeding in life doing what you love.

Julie Schoen is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, retreat coordinator, copywriter, and social media and branding expert. She is the founder of Yoginiology.com,  Little Pearl Publishing, and the founder and Senior Creative Copy Writer at The House of Copy. She is a leading female social entrepreneur in the United States, author of a dozen best-selling books, and a serial writer/blogger. She works closely with Women for Women International and Every Mother Counts to help support efforts to provide equality for women around the world.

She is a professional writer and copywriter, business coach, mom of two (almost three!), wife of one, and an expert at putting her foot in her mouth (both literally and figuratively). She has her Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education and Spanish and her Master's Degree in Creative Non-Fiction Writing.

She speaks fluent Spanish, has lived in Argentina and San Francisco, and frequently travels to Costa Rica with her family and friends. She is a craft beer enthusiast (IPA all the way!) and loves to pretend be a snob about wine (but calms down after a glass or two). Currently she lives in the foothills of Albuquerque, New Mexico, soaking up the desert sun responsibly, doing her best to enjoy life while simultaneously preventing premature aging.